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Leadership Lesson: Turning Your Staff into Gladiators

Early JacksonThe term ‘Gladiator’ has become a widely publicized and trending word primarily due to one woman who just happens to be a fictitious character, Olivia Pope. Her name is synonymous with passion, strength and of course, scandal.

Millions upon millions shut down everything around them on Thursday nights to find out what Olivia, Harrison, Huck and the rest of the gladiators will do next. Scandal has Thursday nights on ABC locked down. Early reports from the show reveal the highest ratings the station has had in that time slot in years.

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The Top 15 Leadership Qualities By Ty Bennett

Ty BennettOver the last couple of years as I have spoken to Leadership organizations I have taken over 100,000 leaders through an interactive session where they have shared what they believe are the top qualities or characteristics of great leaders.

So according to leaders in over a dozen industries from companies like Blue Cross Blue Shield, Avnet, Subway, Nestle, Ericsson, and many others – these are the top 15 qualities of great leaders.

1. Leaders Set The Example: Leaders understand that action speaks louder than words and they act the part.

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3 Major Traits of Top Leaders

Bob Burg“Aberrant Behavior breaks trust. True leaders make decisions based on their principles. This creates consistent behavior & trust.”

Those are words of wisdom from my friend, Art Jonak.

Let’s first look at the quote itself to make sure we agree with its meaning. Aberrant relates to something different from the norm; in this case, it would mean an inconsistency of the leader in question. The quote, up to that point, simply means that when a leader is inconsistent, it breaks trust.

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Leadership Lesson – 12 characteristics of All In Leaders

Are you a leader who is “ALL IN”?

I want leaders on my team who are “all in.” Coaches want players who are “all in” on their teams. Every organization out there wants employees and team members who are “all in.”

Being ALL IN as a leader means:

1. You don’t look at the clock, and you’re not punching a time card. Your role is not defined by 9 – 5.

2. You get it done no matter how long it takes. You are “managerless,” meaning no one else has to worry about whether you are getting it done.

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Leadership Lesson – 7 Ways to create a Courageous Organizational Culture

Courage is not just a personal trait. It’s an organizational trait as well.

And we all want, in some way, to be part of an organization and team that demonstrates courage. That is willing to push up the hill, against the odds, beyond all doubts, to achieve results and impact that most thought not possible.

So here are a a few points about creating a courageous organizational culture:

1. Allow for Failure. The road to success is many times put together through multiple failures.

2. Reward Innovation. You reward what matters most.

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Leadership Lesson: It’s All About People

During my corporate career I had the good fortune for many of those years of being associated with the hardest working, most dedicated team of professionals one could imagine.

Not only were they extraordinarily proficient at what they did, but also innovative and adaptable to new and better processes, procedures, and technology, always open to better ways and new ideas.

What was even more impressive though, beyond their professionalism and technical expertise, was their caring attitude toward the people they served. I know that for a fact for I had the opportunity to observe day to day how they fretted and sweated over doing the right thing – for people.

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Become a Better Leader Through Experience

Do you want to become a better leader? What is the most effective and efficient way to take your leadership to the next level?

One word, experience. There is no way around it. To grow as a leader you need to learn from experience. There are two ways to do this.

Learn from your own experience

What is the best way to learn about leadership?


Whether you aspire to be a leader, or you are more seasoned, the best way to develop your leadership is to lead.

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Disney University Avoids the 4 Employee Development Traps, Do You? By Doug Lipp

“Marketing is the time and money you spend to get people in the door. Training is the investment you make to get guests to come back and cast members to stay; it creates loyalty.”
– Jim Cora, retired chairman, Disneyland International

Yet …

The word “Training” has a nauseating effect on most employees. Why? Because most organizations don’t enjoy the four vital ingredients of success that drive the Disney University.

What is the secret behind the success of Disney’s world famous employee development organization, the Disney University? Why are its training programs valued, and well attended? How does Disney University create employee development programs that avoid the dreaded training trap of being viewed as a “necessary evil,” or worse … “nauseating?”

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