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3 Basics for Delegating Responsibilities

Jeff Camp CEO picturePart of being an effective leader is delegating responsibilities to the members of your team. This isn’t something that should be done without thought and intention, as there are strategies to delegating successfully.

Handing tasks over to your team requires confidence in each member’s abilities, as well as taking the time to clearly convey the assignment and supporting the member as needed. Successful delegation may also involve adopting a team spirit and positive attitude that makes you approachable when one of your members needs input or advice.

The three basics for effective delegation that I use every day as CEO of Ox Bonding include the following:

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Leadership Lessons

Jim StovallLeadership is one of the hot topics among authors, speakers, and gurus in the business world today. Whenever the topic arises, there is the invariable question, “What’s a leader?” There are countless definitions for the word leader and while I’m sure there is some validity in all of them, I am quite certain that a leader is someone that others follow.

There are good leaders and bad leaders. There are many people wanting you to follow them that are not going where you want to go. Pop stars are leaders, government officials are leaders, and corporate executives are leaders, along with many other individuals throughout society. Winston Churchill was a leader as was Adolf Hitler. You cannot confuse the direction of someone’s goal with the definition of them as a leader.

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The Top 15 Leadership Qualities By Ty Bennett

Ty BennettOver the last couple of years as I have spoken to Leadership organizations I have taken over 100,000 leaders through an interactive session where they have shared what they believe are the top qualities or characteristics of great leaders.

So according to leaders in over a dozen industries from companies like Blue Cross Blue Shield, Avnet, Subway, Nestle, Ericsson, and many others – these are the top 15 qualities of great leaders.

1. Leaders Set The Example: Leaders understand that action speaks louder than words and they act the part.

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Leadership Lesson: What Leaders Do By Joe Tye

One of my favorite definitions of a leader is that of Joel Barker: a leader is a person who takes you to a place that you didn’t know you wanted to go.

This implies two essential roles of the leader. The first is identifying that place that you didn’t know you wanted to go. Before JFK announced the goal, most of us didn’t know that we wanted to land a man on the moon; before Steve Jobs announced the iPad, most of us didn’t know that we couldn’t live without it.

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Motivating Your Team for Business Success Robert Cordray

How many research hours have gone into looking at what it takes to succeed in business? The research that has been done time and time again is overwhelming. Countless books, articles and research has been done over the centuries looking for the key ingredient in business success. Trying to sift through all of the noise and find something practical and applicable to your situation can be more than a little frustrating. When things aren’t going your way in business, where do you turn for help?

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Leadership Lessons: Only One Of Us Believes YOU Are MY Superior

“To lead people, walk beside them … As for the best leaders, the people do not notice their existence. The next best, the people honor and praise. The next, the people fear; and the next, the people hate … When the best leader’s work is done the people say, ‘We did it ourselves!'” – Lao-tsu

I posed the question on my Facebook Page a few weeks ago: “What do you believe is your biggest obstacle to giving or receiving customer service?”. The overwhelming response had to do with a “lack of training” of the service associate. I wish this were truly the case; it would be easier to fix than the REAL problem.

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Leadership Lesson: Look Up To Those Beneath You By Denis Waitley

The most successful business leaders today are like great coaches who manage by inspiration, instead of intimidation.

The command and control, management style is obsolete. In this fast forward global marketplace, there is no such distinction as superior and subordinate. The key to getting and staying on top is to provide a resilient, positive working environment. This requires that you “check your ego at the door” and that you seek alliances with others who may have different talents or strengths than you do. This is what synergy is all about.

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Leadership Lesson: Is This A Work Place Or A Fun Place? By Corey Jahnke

You know what really hurts my head? Hearing a manager of any sort proclaim to his or her subordinates the amazingly destructive phrase: “This is not a fun place this is a WORK place!!” OUCH!! No where to go but down from there!!

I have been working in customer service since I was nine years old. In the 37 years since, I have learned two cardinal rules for creating world class customer service:

1) Your “employees” are your most important customers. Why? Because:

2) They will treat your “customers” no better than you treat them. Period!!

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