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Hit the Ground Leading: The 4 Key Functions of Interim CEO’s

Here’s a familiar story of late: A company’s leader has to step down, for any number of reasons, and the board of directors appoints an Interim CEO. Recent examples include United Airlines, Dupont and Twitter — where Interim CEO Jack Dorsey recently became CEO.

No, it’s not a typo: an Interim CEO is not the same as a CEO, though there are many intersecting skills. An interim executive parachutes in, takes charge, assuages fears and restores confidence, troubleshoots immediate to systemic problems, takes action and plots direction — fast. When the permanent CEO steps in, he or she will find a plan already in action and a direction set. Done well, it’s a nearly seamless handoff. I’ve done this many times. Often, I have to answer some basic questions about just what an Interim CEO is there to do.

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3 Ways to Finally Take Action to Improve Your Productivity

Carey Rome - Leadership expertAs a CEO, you’re your team’s coach, quarterback, linebacker, and defensive end. Even when there are 20 seconds left in the game and you’re a touchdown short of a win, you’ve got to keep a cool head. In the world of business, it’s your job to direct plays, execute them, and fend off the opposing team.

This is no small responsibility. You’ve got to make the most of every second. When it’s time to prepare for a meeting with an all-important client, you’ve got to take the lead to score that all-important touchdown. If you want to win, you’ll have to organize, prioritize, and act to improve your productivity.

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Leadership Lesson: Want to make a change? Structure is key

In my 35 years as an executive coach, I have seen some of the world’s most powerful leaders struggle with changing their behavior.

I have come to believe that no one, no matter how determined or passionate, can do it without structure. You might wake up every morning sure that you will spend your day listening better, being more patient or watching less television (or whatever your goal happens to be). But without external structure – a person or a plan to guide you – it will be almost impossible to stay on track.

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10 Books That Will Develop Your Leadership Qualities

There is not any book written that is a solution for all. Each human is different, and different things work for each of us individually. A lot of these books share the same principles; however all of them deliver their message in a unique way. Don’t pick and choose which book you think will help you.

Start by reading one you may have heard of before and never got a chance to read then make your way down the list. The books are listed in no particular order, but are all designed to help you gain, develop and master your leadership qualities.

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6 Tough Leadership Lessons I Learned the Hard Way

Greg AtkinsonI’m thankful for a solid education – really I am. But I have some crucial things that I’ve had to learn the hard way that they don’t teach you in school. Some of you may think: “Only six!” I’m sure there are a ton of other principles and lessons that I could list or you could (and I encourage you to list them in the comments), but for the purpose of this post, I’m going to go with the first six that came to me. Here we go…

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Leadership Lesson: Motivating Employees to Increase Productivity

It’s considered common knowledge that congratulating someone for a job well done makes that person feel accomplished and motivated. Yet, in many companies, these simple acts of recognition from managers and co-workers rarely occur. Why is this? It could be that because it is such a simple and easy thing to do, that it is easily overlooked, and soon months have gone by without a single employee receiving positive feedback or appreciation.

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Leadership Lesson: Turning Your Staff into Gladiators

Early JacksonThe term ‘Gladiator’ has become a widely publicized and trending word primarily due to one woman who just happens to be a fictitious character, Olivia Pope. Her name is synonymous with passion, strength and of course, scandal.

Millions upon millions shut down everything around them on Thursday nights to find out what Olivia, Harrison, Huck and the rest of the gladiators will do next. Scandal has Thursday nights on ABC locked down. Early reports from the show reveal the highest ratings the station has had in that time slot in years.

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3 Major Traits of Top Leaders

Bob Burg“Aberrant Behavior breaks trust. True leaders make decisions based on their principles. This creates consistent behavior & trust.”

Those are words of wisdom from my friend, Art Jonak.

Let’s first look at the quote itself to make sure we agree with its meaning. Aberrant relates to something different from the norm; in this case, it would mean an inconsistency of the leader in question. The quote, up to that point, simply means that when a leader is inconsistent, it breaks trust.

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