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The Power of Spiritual Leadership

‘Believe with all your heart that you are on this earth to make a difference and you will begin to create a life filled with color, clarity, warmth and passion’

It’s no secret that the global business landscape is changing almost daily as the various world economies bring a great deal of pressure to bear on companies struggling to remain ahead of the pack. In the current commercial climate, so many business houses are trying to stay afloat. They’re constantly looking for better and the most cost effective ways to conduct business. There can be a great deal of stress and angst as more money flows like a tide out of the company than comes in.

Quite often, in the quest to find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, companies inadvertently overlook the most important aspect of the business: The one thing which has the power to stabilize and grow the company, so it has the capacity to be head and shoulders above the competition.

It can be an incredibly convoluted process as the management searches for ways to keep the business buoyant, all the while limping along from one issue to the next, apparently disregarding the one important factor right under their noses: The most powerful tool in the arsenal of potential achievement.

So began my journey to discover something tangible and meaningful to assist a business – any business to grow into an important asset – from the inside out – rather than constantly looking for external stimuli to help them emerge from the wilderness. It was 1990; the beginning of my incredible journey of discovery.

Over the ensuing 12 months I worked with countless business leaders. I examined the many ways in which companies conducted their businesses and evaluated the many issues they dealt with on a daily basis. I worked both as a consultant and an employee to have a first-hand look at the business from myriad points of view.

I paid particular attention to the various methods used at all levels within the business to address problems. I was principally concerned with the attitudes exhibited by leaders, managers, supervisors, section heads and team leaders towards the business and the workplace. Similarly, I watched the attitudes of employees towards authority and the workplace atmosphere generally.

‘The difference between yesterday and tomorrow is the positive action you take today, to turn dreams into reality’

I discovered something interesting: Business leaders (and those in authority) in many cases appeared to disregard certain aspects of the one area of the business which had the capacity to bring about some monumental change: The power and passion of employees and their ability to take a business to extraordinary heights. This crucial area of the business was not receiving appropriate attention in so many cases. Often there was a toxic atmosphere which was allowed to spread unchecked and it subsequently pervaded all areas and all levels of the business.

This led me to develop ‘The Seven Fundamental Laws of Spiritual Leadership’, which when applied appropriately to the business model, improving the capacity to lift productivity, elevate optimism and significantly increase levels of self-confidence, saw some extraordinary developments.

The Seven Fundamental laws include important areas such as Compassion, Enrichment, Speaking from the Heart, Inspiring Others to Be and Do their Best, Nurturing Relationships and Looking for Greater Depth and Meaning in Life.

‘We can’t hope to have empowered and visionary adults without inspired, encouraged and supported young people’

The book is a step by step blueprint for success. It covers those areas of Spiritual Leadership with the capacity to impact positively on your life and business.

The following chapter headings cover the information in great depth:

– Deliver with Compassion;
– Speak from the Heart, Towards a Higher Purpose
– Inspire Others to Embrace their Vision
– Nurture Enduring Relationships
– Yearn for Profound Awakenings
– Empowering Words for Everyday Use.

The Laws cover such fundamental aspects of life as Honesty, Integrity, Generosity, Understanding, Trust, Respect, Empathy, Openness, Compassion, Tolerance, Support, Truth, Courage and Enthusiasm.

The work presents a complete framework for improvement and enrichment in all aspects of life. When the workplace becomes truly enriched, it flows onto all areas of life and suddenly the world in which we each reside, becomes a much more powerful and colorful place to be.

Through my studies (and also my own life experience) I found The Seven Fundamental Laws to be of incalculable value to the growth and development of our children. I used them as a crucial learning took for my own son and have seen him grow into a bright, strong, balanced and compassionate young man.

Our children are after all our most precious gifts. As the future of this amazing planet they must be nurtured, supported, loved and encouraged every step of their journey. The laws provide a framework for this very purpose.

‘Deep inside every one of us is a magnificent canvas. It takes only passion, determination, love and gratitude to bring it to life’

I wish you every success on your individual journeys of discovery. They won’t always be easy, but I promise they will be rewarding. Uncover your innate genius today and watch your life change in some extraordinary ways.

Imagine the possibilities…

Warm regards,
Kieran Revell
Kieran was born with a pronounced speech stammer. He overcame it and has gone on to be dubbed The Success Wizard, for his outstanding work with corporations, business houses, groups and individuals. He’s an International Spiritual Leadership Consultant and Certified Law of Attraction Coach. He is the author of ‘Spiritual Leadership – Positive Thoughts; Inspired Action: An Empowered Life. For a speaking, coaching or seminar engagements, you can contact Kieran at