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Leadership Lesson: Winning in Business

Legendary football coach Vince Lombardi said, “Winning is not a sometimes thing, it’s an all the time thing. You don’t win once in a while, you don’t do things right once in a while, you do them right all the time.

Winning is a habit. Unfortunately, so is losing.” To produce the best results in your business or organization requires knowing what it takes to win. Great business leaders have adapted proven skills and habits into their everyday life.

Below are 3 areas that will help you increase your winning percentage:


To win in business or as an entrepreneur requires leadership skills. Leadership is simply the ability to influence others. It provides you with the ability to move your people and organization toward a better future. When you positively influence your people it will lead to them being loyal and dedicated to the organization, which will result in higher customer retention. I encourage you to invest time and effort into growing your leadership abilities.

Relationship skills

It’s important to remember winning with people will help you win in business. This is because people are a major factor when it comes to having a successful business or organization. When you take time to relate, value, and appreciate your people they will in turn take care of your customers or clients. Remember and apply these relationships skills into your life: follow the Golden Rule, focus on common interests, talk less so you can listen more, show empathy and sympathy, and add value to the relationship. These skills will allow you to better build relationships and connect with your employees, customers, and potential customers.

Effective Communication

Being able to communicate your ideas and thoughts during a conversation or speech is essential when it comes to winning in business. However, the words we speak must be in line with our actions.

When a business leader says one thing but fails to follow through with the example or actions they are in danger of losing trust and respect with their employees and customers. To effectively communicate make sure your words and behaviors are consistent with the company purpose, vision, goals, and vales.

Questions: What else can help a leader win in business? What is the most important factor to winning in business?
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  • There isn’t very much that kills credibility than when a leader’s actions don’t line up with his words. Corporations spend thousands of dollars and hours communicating a vision that or strategy that its leaders can destroy just by not living it out.

  • I think having mentors to help guide you along the way and stay on the right path is what will definitely help anyone in Business. All the the points you mention above are critical, and it you throw in mentoring, that will give you even more traction. Great post.

  • Great addition. Having mentors are so important. Thanks for sharing.

  • Leading self well and being the example should be our top priority. Thank you for mentioning that Tom.

  • I think having a vision to help guide the organization is essential. Without a vision the organization will fail.

  • So true, vision is essential. Thanks for adding that.

  • Two of the greatest entrepreneurs of all time, Bill Gates and Warren Buffett put communication skills at the top of their list for qualities in new employees.

  • Nice one, Dan. When I was coaching I pondered the subject of winning quite a bit. It helped me to add to all the years in business of pondering it and put things into perspective from a Biblical perspective. I shared with them that “Winning isn’t measured by a number or specific time period. Winning is measured over a lifetime.”

    I think the another good sign of a leader is the one who pushes to be ever more intelligent about the business and all the outside aspects that might influence it. You and I call that “a life long learner.”

  • Great examples, those two understood the importance of communication skills.

  • Great thoughts and addition Floyd. I agree, “life long learner” is an important aspect to winning in business and life.

  • hi Dan, like Lincoln mentioned below, mentors can be key and help us short-cut the process to more winning.

    I also think persistence and determination are keys to surviving in business. If you can keep going when others stop, you win.

    Also to note, with all three areas you mention above, no need to be born naturally with the skills you mention. Great leaders are not born (we think they are) They can be made (by working on all those areas you mention – doing public speaking, networking more, or growing one’s leadership abilities)

    Thanks for sharing these ideas.

  • Great point, the determination not to give up or quite is essential if we expect to win in business and life.

    I totally agree, I’ve learned most of the great leaders have had to work hard to develop the winning skills that moved them toward success. Thanks for bringing that up! It’s a great point.

  • I think innovation is big. Working to make your products and/or services better and also bringing game-changing ideas to market. Thanks for the insights, Dan!

  • great post Dan. I love the points you’ve mentioned and others added by community. Thanks for the sharing!

  • Dan,

    In the Army we sum up point number three as Be, Know, Do.

    Be: Values and attributes that shape a leaders character

    Know: What you need to know. Technical skills as well as people skills.

    Do: Putting it all into action.

    Great article battle buddy!

  • Thanks Ngina:) I’m glad you enjoyed it.

  • Great point, I totally agree. Thanks for sharing that.

  • Great points TJ Trent. I might have to borrow that:)

  • DS

    Leading yourself effectively is one way to to help win in business. I really enjoyed the “speak less so you can listen more” – not always easy to do, but truly helps most relationships.

  • I think your comments on relationship skills are wise. You point out how treating your team correctly leads to them treating customers well. It’s crucial that your team is engaged and as happy as possible – that way they are free and inspired to give the job their all.

  • Dan, it was an honor to have you share your wisdom here with us. Much appreciated buddy! 🙂

    And thanks also to everyone who joined in the conversation. Loved reading what everyone shared.


  • Thank you for allowing me to share Josh. It was fun!

  • Great point. Totally true.

  • Thanks Loren, relationships are so important. Thank you for sharing.