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Motivating Your Team for Business Success Robert Cordray

How many research hours have gone into looking at what it takes to succeed in business? The research that has been done time and time again is overwhelming. Countless books, articles and research has been done over the centuries looking for the key ingredient in business success. Trying to sift through all of the noise and find something practical and applicable to your situation can be more than a little frustrating. When things aren’t going your way in business, where do you turn for help?

I always start at the motivation of myself and those around me for help. Motivating ourselves and the people around us is a vital piece of this business success puzzle. When times are hard and the chips are down, we must stay motivated to continue to trudge along through the muddy and winding pathways that are business. Let’s explore a few practical steps to keep you and your team motivated to achieve your lofty business goals.

Team Goals

You and your team must create goals with everyone on board. Goals will outline what exactly is expected of each member of the team — and the team as a whole — to achieve success. As goals are laid out on the table, everyone should have a say in exactly what it will take to achieve each and every goal. As the team participates in the goal making process, they will take ownership and make goal achievement part of their personal mission. This will motivate them to stay focused on goal success.

Action Steps:

Once the goals are clearly laid on the table, every member of the team should understand exactly what steps must be taken to come to successful goal completion. Again, everyone should have a say in the action steps. The same principle applies here, when people participate in the creation of goals or action steps they feel a sense of pride and ownership by creating such things. When times get hard and motivation levels get low, you can kindly remind them of this phase to inspire them to continue moving forward.

Making Sacrifices

If business success came easy, we would all be much happier, wouldn’t we? But success is not easy and requires sacrifice. Living and working in the moment, as people often do, hardship becomes a black box which can cloud our vision. Escaping from that dark cloud of discouragement and disappointment requires sacrifice. Perhaps it’s spending more hours sitting in front of the screen, or on the phone with clients or working out new action steps to overcome unexpected hurdles. Whatever it is, sacrifice must be made by all team members to achieve success.

Rewarding Hard Work and Success

Rewards are rewards are rewards! Never steal your team’s rewards. The rewards should be clearly outlined at the beginning of the organization process. Clearly identifying expectations by which team members can earn set rewards creates motivated teams. Never undermine your reward system by altering the rules halfway through the game and taking rewards off the table. It slaughters your credibility and creates very dissatisfied and unmotivated employees. Conversely, rewarding people for achieving their goals — not only at the end of the process, but also throughout the middle of the actions steps — can do wonders keeping people motivated.
Robert Cordray is a freelance writer and expert in business behavior and finances. He has received many accolades for his work in teaching business leadership coaching.

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