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Leadership Lesson: No One Can Make You Do Anything By Brad Worthley

Being great at customer service and learning to exceed the customers’ expectations is something that so many employees are told to do, but very few ever achieve it.

First, you have to want that as your chosen goal and not have it thrust upon you by someone else. One of your empowering set of beliefs could be that no one can “make you” do anything. If you truly believe that outside forces control your life, then you are a victim and this article will never help you. Matter of fact, I will venture to say that there isn’t any article or book that can help you, so save yourself the reading time.

I drive myself nuts when I hear anyone use words like:

– They make me angry

– They make me sad

– They make me jealous

– They make me crazy

– They make me happy

– They made me do it

– They confused me

– They drive me nuts

Now, if you look at the way I started the last paragraph, you can see that I said: “I drive myself nuts…” (Instead of saying “they drive me nuts” or “it drives me nuts”). Do you see how I took full responsibility for my feelings? I accepted the fact that the emotion and action is generated by me and no one else.

Nobody can “make you” anything, because no one should be given that much power. If somebody “makes you angry,” it is because you allowed them to take over your emotions (actually, you voluntarily gave it up). They cannot control your emotions unless you grant them that power, and I highly recommend that you never grant anyone that much power.

Whether it is personal relationships or in the business world, I want you to always be aware that you are the only one in control of your emotions. If you get angry, sad, jealous, crazy, happy, or nuts, it is because you make the conscious decision to choose that emotion. If you did choose that emotion, was it a good choice for you and did it serve you well? If not, then I challenge you to review your choice and make another choice that empowers you and keeps you in control.

In the world of customer service, you will encounter those who will try to take away your power. They will do so by trying to challenge, intimidate, or antagonize you, which if successful can feed their power even more. If you let these people impact your life, then everyone comes out a loser (you, them, co-workers, and other customers). However, if you can impact their lives, keep yourself and them calm, and handle the situation in a professional manner, everyone wins.
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