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Leadership Lesson: Is This A Work Place Or A Fun Place? By Corey Jahnke

You know what really hurts my head? Hearing a manager of any sort proclaim to his or her subordinates the amazingly destructive phrase: “This is not a fun place this is a WORK place!!” OUCH!! No where to go but down from there!!

I have been working in customer service since I was nine years old. In the 37 years since, I have learned two cardinal rules for creating world class customer service:

1) Your “employees” are your most important customers. Why? Because:

2) They will treat your “customers” no better than you treat them. Period!!

No, seriously! If you want Bob to provide world-class customer service you have to ask yourself the critical question: “Why would he do that?” If your answer is even remotely related to: “That’s what we pay him for!” You should consider a new profession because management may not be your calling.

In the real world, real adults DO NOT respond to: “Do what I say, not what I do!”. (If it doesn’t work on your kids, you should not be surprised when it doesn’t work anywhere else.) Bob is tuned into WIIFM (What’s In It For Me). If Bob feels he is part of a winning TEAM Bob will work hard to win. But, if Bob feels he is YOUR whipping boy, Bob will not only root for your failure, he WILL WORK VERY HARD TO GUARANTEE IT!!

Your job as a manager is to make sure you do everything in your power to make sure Bob loves his job!! It’s that simple. Why? Because you want Bob to do everything in his power to make sure your customers LOVE your product AND service.

Successful salespeople and customer service people are products of the product they represent. You want them representing your business in the best possible light don’t you? Then you must treat them in the best possible manner.

So what’s possible? Can you triple their salary? Probably not. But, you CAN treat them with kindness and total respect. You CAN make the work environment as fun and happy as humanly possible. You CAN make sure they are scheduled off for events that are important to them. And most importantly, you CAN listen when they express ideas and concerns. In short, you can treat them as important and respected colleagues (regardless of titles). Wouldn’t you want your “superiors” to do the same for you?

Studies are quite clear. The happiest and most fun work environments have the highest productivity and lowest turnover rates in ANY industry. Reverse that equation and guess who’s looking at YOU then!
Corey Jahnke is the author of “We Are Not Here On Rehearsal” and the creator of Corey is a John C. Maxwell certified success coach AND a Bob Burg certified Go-Giver Coach. Corey’s company, Legend Crafters, helps people go from stuck to unstuck, from unstuck to remarkable and from remarkable to legendary. Will YOU become a legend?

-Your thoughts and feedback are always welcome in the comments below. What are some ways you can create more fun in your organization?