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The Symptoms of a Leader By Matthew C. Horne

There is one common denominator among leaders: They possess a vision, and their vision does their thinking for them. Leaders are no different than any one else, they just make the decisions that no one else is willing to make when faced with the real life situations we all encounter.

Everyone naturally may not be a leader in the traditional sense of guiding followers to a destination. But we must all be leaders of our lives and take ownership of the dreams and visions we possess, and let nothing deter us from our desired end.

Many situations in life place us at various crossroads which require us to make pivotal decisions that affect the course of our lives. A leader, when placed in this position, will choose to think with their future as opposed to their feelings.

Feelings are real, and can cloud the vision of anyone if nothing is in place to weigh them against. A good way to be a leader and allow your vision to think for you is to subject your feelings, in a given situation, against the overall vision of what you want for your life. With this practice, structure is created and anything that is a detriment to you achieving your vision is exposed and dealt with accordingly. In the words of Dr. Myles Munroe “Purpose protects you.”

Leaders know how to exclude the excess, and remove the waste from their life. If a vision or sense of purpose consumes you, it naturally begins to rearrange every facet of your life so it’s constantly pointing you in the direction of your vision. As this takes place your thoughts will begin to sound like this: Is this taking me closer to my vision, or is this taking me further away?

A clear-cut vision of the future is what all leaders possess. A sense of arrival never penetrates the thinking of a leader, because a place of arrival always exists, or else they couldn’t be who they are. Leaders are never without a destination.

The best-selling book of all time (Also known as the Bible) suggests that “Where there is no vision, the people perish.” A corollary to this must be “Where there is vision, the people flourish.”
Matthew C. Horne is a motivational speaker and leading authority in maximizing human potential and self-development. He is also the president of Optimum Success International and author of “The Universe is Inviting You In”, available at

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