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Leadership Tips: Learning to Reflect By John Baldoni

1. Close the door and clear your mind of minute-to-minute thoughts.

2. Stretch and relax.

3. Focus on one issue you want to consider.

4. Look at the issue from more than one perspective. (Your employee’s? Your customer’s? Your bosses? Your competitor’s?)

5. Do not expect immediate answers.

6. Continue to mull over possible solutions. (This is called ruminative thinking, a technique favored by comic philosopher-performer John Cleese.)
John Baldoni is an internationally recognized leadership expert, executive coach, speaker and author of seven books on leadership. His newest book, Lead by Example: 50 Ways Great Leaders Inspire Results (Amacom) describes how leaders encourage others to follow their lead. John writes the “Leadership at Work” blog for Harvard Business Publishing and as well as his own leadership blog. John’s website,, contains coaching podcasts and videos, leadership articles, and information about his books and workshops.

-Your thoughts? Do you care to share any other ways you’ve found helpful for preparing to reflect on issues related to leadership?

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