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Leadership Tips: Dealing with the Challenging Employee by John Baldoni

1. Consider what is causing the problem. (Is it the employee, or is it the situation?)

2. Ask the employee why he or she is having a problem. (Look for ways to provide assistance.)

3. Focus on behavior, not personality.

4. Be specific in your criticism. (Provide specific examples of what the employee can do to improve.)

5. Set expectations. (Give one assignment with a firm deadline.)

6. Review performance and repeat process. (How often you repeat the cycle depends on your patience and the demands of your organization.)
John Baldoni is an internationally recognized leadership expert, executive coach, speaker and author of seven books on leadership. His newest book, Lead by Example: 50 Ways Great Leaders Inspire Results (Amacom) describes how leaders encourage others to follow their lead. John writes the “Leadership at Work” blog for Harvard Business Publishing and as well as his own leadership blog. John’s website,, contains coaching podcasts and videos, leadership articles, and information about his books and workshops.

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