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Leadership: C’s Skillsets Drastically Changing By Howard Putnam

As you prepare yourself to take on more responsibility in your organization, it is important to track the changing skill sets that are going to be required for senior positions.

Technology, a global market, security and a renewed emphasis on ethics and honesty in corporations, due to increased corporate governance, are creating a need for C’s with multiple talents. A “C” can be a: CEO, COO, CIO (Chief Information Officer), CFO (Chief Financial Officer), CAO (Chief Accounting Officer), and the list goes on.

It is no longer enough to just have general managerial skills to rise to the top of an organization. It is necessary to have multi functional and international experiences. The Sarbanes Oxley legislation after Enron and Tyco corporate ethics failures in the USA have added to the intensity of a “C” position.

According to a recent Spencer Stuart analysis, CEO’s today need skill sets that are greatly different than just a decade ago for some of the above reasons. These are skills “in addition to” traditional leadership talent, operational knowledge and communication.

C’s are staying in their positions fewer years because of the pressures and added complexities. Finally, private equity firms over the past three years have increased their buyouts of publically held companies. Their timelines and horizons for “return on investment” are much shorter.

Prepare yourself for these changes and value propositions if a C position is in your flight plan.
Howard Putnam speaks on leadership, change, transformation, customer service, teams and ethics. He is the former CEO of the highly successful Southwest Airlines and the first CEO to take a major airline, Braniff International, into, through and out of Chapter 11, getting it flying again in less than two years. Howard authored “The Winds of Turbulence”. Visit or email