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10 Smart Ways Leaders Can Bring Out the Best in Others By Doug Smart

In a sense, everyone is a leader. You lead every time you influence others to do what you want. It’s a skill that starts at birth (doesn’t a newborn baby run her house?). As a smart adult, you have refined your natural leadership skills in order to influence others to willingly do what you want.

Here is a list of 10 smart ways leaders can bring out the best in others. See how well developed your leadership skills are. Give yourself 1 point for each that you already do.

1. Instead of SAYING you care, SHOW them.

2. Have a vision and inspire people by staying true to your vision.

3. Be passionate when talking about your vision.

4. Clearly communicate to others how you expect them to fulfill that vision.

5. Listen to their concerns.

6. Communicate how following your vision benefits them.

7. Surround yourself with people who are “wind beneath your wings” and, as best you can, eliminate or minimize contact with people who bring you down.

8. Delegate tasks that help others discover and maximize their talents.

9. Show appreciation — a sincere, written “thank you” can be a major (and no cost) motivator.

10. Keep your word.

I hope you are a perfect 10. Practicing these 10 smart ways leaders can bring out the best in others will encourage people to do what you want. And your actions will cause them to remark that you are a natural-born leader.
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